Roe vs. Wade

25 Jan

Controversial topics like these, I simply can’t resist.  This one strikes especially close to my heart, however as I became a father two months ago and I think my little girl is the most adorable thing in the world.  The mere conception that, had a potentially dangerous test result been discovered during our prenatal visits the OB would likely have given us the option of aborting my beautiful little girl (see the Photos page), kind of makes me want to vomit.

Our president commented Sunday on the anniversary of RvW. “…protects a woman’s health and reproductive freedom…” and that the processes of having an abortion are “…private family matters…”

It would seem that Mr. Obama would have you believe that he is protecting both the constitutional rights of women across America as well as the the freedom of individual families to do what they want without government interference.  Both probably sound good to every even half-heartedly conservitave mind out there.  The thought system breaks down when you realize that what we’re discussing is actually murder.

What the president is really saying is that he seeks to protect the right of all American women to commit murder, and the government should protect private family murders. Sure…

Scripture is very clear that person-hood begins at conception; that God “knit [us] together in the womb”.  It could even be argued that by God’s sovereignty our existence is ordained long before birth.  The current debate over person-hood runs in circles attempting to determine when (as if there were some magical point) a new life is “viable”.  Not until a live birth is completed, 6 months, audible heart-beat, brain activity, 12 weeks… these are attempts to set a time at which we can say “now this is a human who is protected under the laws of our land” due to the fact that someday this baby/fetus/zygote will be a fully functional independently living adult and member of society.

The missing link is that none of these developmental markers determine when a human is “viable” because man does not ordain the birth of any child.  Before He laid the foundations of the Earth, each and every one of us were in the mind of God, complete and purposed human beings who at that very moment were considered “viable” by the only judgement that counts.

Consider this as you contemplate the, now 39 year old failure of our Judicial system to serve justice to 65,000 Americans who were murdered before they could speak a word in free speech or lift a finger in protest.

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