snippets (12/28/11)

29 Dec

Scripture by Subtraction – an interesting look at the “bible” Thomas Jefferson cut and pasted from the real Bible. I found the Nativity story pretty neat… no angels, no shepherds, no wise men.  Those things didn’t “make sense” to Jefferson.  Before condemning him though, we should be sure to ask ourselves a few questinos:

1. Are there areas of scripture that I have knowingly neglected to study because they are difficult to understand?

2. Do I compare scripture to my own capacity for reason, or do I measure scripture with scripture?

3. Have I omitted anything from scripture? or is the bible I live by the Bible?

Well How Should We Punish Murder? – Regardless of your beliefs on parole, juvenile punishment, capital punishment, etc. the inequities rather than the severity are the issue here.  Have a thought? Leave a comment.

Best Art of 2011 – This is the time of year for everyone to make their “best ____ of 2011” lists.  When it comes to art there’s no place like New York, and the only thing more important there than art is business, so we’ll go to the people who know them both.

MARS – Not the candy company.  These are some pretty cool images though!

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