Snippets (12/12/11)

12 Dec

Our Own Hymn – Book – Attending a Sovereign Grace Church for the last three years or so has opened me up to this concept of individualizing music to a local church.  There is a ton of great worship music out there, but not all of it is appropriate or beneficial for our church.  Likewise, the music that is most appropriate and beneficial for our church may not be so for yours even though we are both experiencing excellent, godly corporate worship.

Stop Submitting to Men – We could always use a good teaching on submission!

The Birth of Britain – a text by Winston Churchill that goes to great pains detailing the lives and contributions made by the early thinkers (and “doers”) who shaped the democratic system of government we have today. Churchill says,

“No one can understand history without continually relating the long periods which are constantly mentioned to the experiences of our own short lives. Five years is a lot. Twenty years is the horizon to most people. Fifty years is antiquity. To understand how the impact of destiny fell upon any generation of men one must first imagine their position and then apply the time-scale of our own lives. Thus nearly all changes were far less perceptible to those who lived through them from day to day than appears when the salient features of an epoch are extracted by the chronicler.”

3 Reasons to Prioritize Your Marriage Over Your Children – Crossway always has good stuff.  This jolted my world a little.  As I have been getting used to my little girl being around the house I can see how easy it is to let her slip in between my wife and I.

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